1. Protect Addis Ababa city from different pollution and natural resource degradation through research and monitoring.
  2. Permit mining and related activities to those who are in need of investing on mining development in accordance with sustainable environmental management.
  3. Applying environmental policies, laws, proclamation and directives; make draft and improvement on the existing environmental laws based on different studies and researches.
  4. Expand environmental education and awareness creation for different societies, stakeholders such as government and non-government bodies (NGO) at different time, places and levels.
  5. Exerts to pass development projects through the rules and procedures of environmental impact assessment.
  6. Mobilize the societies on the activity of rehabilitation of degraded land through physical and biological conservation system
  7. Handover certificate to institution, societies and individuals to encourage them for their sustainable development activities.
  8. Undertake carbon emission inventory and follow-up the reduction activities; mainstream Climate Resilient Strategy in relevant sectors.
  9. Fund mobilization and encouraging project proposals for climate change mitigation/adaptation