• Mining Licenses Intriguing
  • Estimation Of Mineral Resources
  • Monitoring And Control Of Mineral Recovery

Identify the various construction minerals in the city and block them in accordance with the master plan.

• Collect various revenue from the sector and contribute to the city's government revenue and create jobs in the sector.
• Develop monitoring and control mechanisms to modernize the mining industry in a modern and environmentally friendly manner.
Main functions
 Identify the amount of mineral deposits and perform production estimates
 Preparation and implementation of mining laws and regulations
 Provide training and counseling on construction and mining production and use
 Licensing of construction mining
 Management, monitoring and control of mineral resources
 Monitoring the rehabilitation work in the affected areas
 Collecting various revenues from the mining sector
Modernize and update cadastral and GIS data
 Facilitate the situation for organized unemployed youth to engage in mining
 Inform the concerned legal entities that the completed mines will be used for further development in accordance with the master plan and monitor the illegal mining.
 Identify illegal mining sites, establish a legal system and facilitate the prosecution of illegals.
Facilitate access to training in the mining sector in collaboration with the Ministry of Mines
 New gas station certification:
 Certification of new oil and gas products in retail capacity;
 Providing refurbishment of gas station and retail efficiency
 Monitoring and monitoring of oil and gas production facilities